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Unlimited Support for a Flat Monthly Fee

BraveLine Technology Announces Managed Networks

A revolutionary service to help businesses take control of the cost, complexity, and confusion associated with the maintenance and support of computer networks. BraveLine takes the guess work out of computer support and maintenance with a simple and cost effective service that provides peace of mind amid today’s increasing demand for technology support among businesses of all sizes.

A Better Approach

BraveLine Technology operates a continuously staffed command center equipped with a state of the art monitoring system that provides us with real-time alerts, diagnostics, and inventory data gathered from a monitoring device located on your site.

By monitoring your systems continuously, we detect small issues before they become big problems. When larger problems do occur, we focus on the problem not the symptom.

When a problem is detected, our monitoring center is instantly alerted and our response protocol is initiated.

In addition to monitoring your systems for unanticipated problems, our service provides regular installation of critical security updates and patches to continuously protect your systems from new threats and to add new features as they become available.

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